The Wilberforce Society | Committee
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Executive Chair –nicholas francis lui

Nicholas is a second-year Economics undergraduate at Christ’s College. He is particularly interested in the intersection of data analytics with public policy and international development, seeking to understand how we can leverage on big data to come up with informed solutions to today’s problems. The application of machine learning to behavioural economics, in particular, strikes him as the future of policy-making.

Nicholas was previously involved with TWS as a policy writer for the paper on homelessness in Cambridge and as a First-Year Rep with the Conference Team. He is immensely excited to lead the largest student-think tank in the UK and ensure that it continues to produce policy work, discussion forums and speaker events of the highest quality. TWS is something very special and Nicholas cannot wait to work with his team in making it even better!


Vice-Chair – Erdem Dorjkhand

Born and raised in Mongolia, Erdem is a second year economist at St. Catharine’s College. His drive to pursue a career in economic policymaking, in particular for developing countries has led him to TWS where he first joined the society as a Fresher’s Rep under the Policy team.

Erdem will be working closely with the Policy team together with the IDEAS team in his role as Vice-Chair and will seek to extend the reach of TWS to developing countries outside of the UK.


Outside of TWS, Erdem is the secretary of Cambridge University United Nations Association and plays for his college basketball team as well as the Cambridge University Malaysia Society volleyball team.  He was also the drummer for his high school band.



Director for Policy – christian ruhl

Christian is a graduate student at Clare College, supported by a Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowship, which funds two degrees at Cambridge. He has just finished the MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science, and is now studying towards an MPhil in International Relations and Politics. Christian is passionate about public policy and global history and hopes the Wilberforce Society will continue to find innovative solutions to international problems. He graduated magna cum laude from Williams College in Massachusetts in 2017.





Director for Conference – kyra chong

Kyra is a second-year Law student at Corpus Christi College. She helped organise the Annual Conference last year as a First Year Representative, and is looking forward to running the 2019 Annual Conference with her Co-Conference Director, Vincent. As she sees open dialogue as the first step towards actual change and understanding, she hopes to create a thought-provoking and engaging conference through panels focused on the topical issues facing us today. Kyra’s areas of interest include China’s politics and its economic development, cultural identity, and gender equality. She is also very passionate about access to education, having worked on outreach programs with the Cambridge Admissions Office. She currently volunteers with Project Access, an international social enterprise aiming to fight inequality in higher education, as a mentor and a central team member. In her spare time, she can be found at the Thai food truck, obsessing over her microwave pasta cooker and rereading Sylvia Plath.


Director for Conference – vincent rustill


Hi! I’m a second-year Economics student at St John’s College. I became inspired to join the Wilberforce Society after hearing our patron, Lord Wilson, deliver a guest lecture on political influence in the economics faculty, and after researching him and the society further, I was certain I wanted to become more involved. I’m thrilled to be working with Kyra to organise our annual conference for the upcoming academic year, and we’ve already invited a great list of speakers, and got some of them confirmed! It’s going to be an exciting event, slightly different to previous years, and we’re hoping as many of you as possible can come along. All four panels are topics on which I am passionate, from the topic of inequality, around which I based my personal statement to help me get into Cambridge, to the technological changes that will affect all of our lives, on which I have written for publications during my time at Cambridge. Hopefully our conference will further engage you in all these topics and you’ll end the day with many questions answered, but many more to consider. Beyond the conference, my main interest is in debating and public speaking, and therefore you will likely see me hosting intercollege debates and speaking or watching speakers at the Cambridge Union, to try and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, and hopefully contribute to making it a better world.




Director for Online Media – Boris lam

Boris is a last year Law student at Homerton. His main interest is international relations and politics, especially the topics about China rising and the foreign policies of different Asian countries. His another focus is how online media is changing the political landscape and redefining the social norms. Boris will without a doubt make good use of his interest in such a topic to help spread the vision of the Wilberforce Society through social media.

Outside TWS, Boris is active in volunteering related to legal support. In the past summer, Boris participated in the Justice Centre Exchange Programme and took an active role in providing legal support to refugees. On occasion, Boris would be found reading anthropology, playing badminton or searching for the best formal in Cambridge.





Director for Publicity – harry clynch

Harry is a second year English student at Churchill. His interests mainly concern Brexit, the socio-economic plight of the working-class, education policy (particularly relating to grammar schools), the social effects of patriotism, the nature of the UK’s unwritten constitution and system of parliamentary democracy, and how government policies impact on individual freedom and liberty. Outside of TWS, he is active in student politics, plays college rugby, and will almost certainly be in the pub at any hour past lunchtime.




Director for Ideas – chiara rohlfs

Chiara is a second year law student at Robinson from Munich, Germany, and this year’s Director of Ideas. She joined the Wilberforce Society because it offers her an opportunity to work alongside like-minded students who are equally as interested in developing practical and actionable solutions for current policy issues. She is very excited to lead the Ideas Team and is very much looking forward to the discussions and the learning opportunities that this years’ events will offer students. Chiara is particularly interested in how access to the legal world can be improved for the public and how law and technology can intersect and thereby improve access to legal information for everyone. She is also interested in opportunities to regulate new technologies effectively in such a way that allows growth but at the same time prevents the dangers which technologies might entail from materialising. In her spare time, Chiara likes to read and learn about the other humanities or science, train horses or work as riding instructor for riders of all ages at her local equestrian centre or spend time in nature – completely disconnected from technology.



Clare is a second-year undergraduate studying HSPS at Trinity College. She was previously involved with TWS as a First-Year Rep and is currently a policy writer for a paper on lowering the burden of proof in sexual assault investigations. As Deputy Director for Ideas, she hopes to engage the student community in a range of important issues. Having been born and raised in Australia, Clare is particularly interested in the politics of Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. She is passionate about gender equality and the treatment of asylum seekers, and the possibility of mitigating harms to vulnerable groups through evidence-based social policy. Outside of TWS, Clare is Co President of Trinity Politics Society and enjoys playing netball, reading The New Yorker and over-spending on brunch.






Adriana is a second-year law student at Robinson College. She has a broad interest in current affairs, history and social policy, as well as how all three interact. She enjoys administrative tasks and is looking forward to ensuring the smooth running of the Society this year. She is also interested in languages and literature, and is optimistic that the words of TWS writers and speakers will be used as powerful tools of influence, as they have in the past.

In her free time, she is likely found cycling, trying different restaurants, reading and/or praising the underrated gardens of Robinson.


Treasurer – daniel monteiro
Daniel completed his undergraduate degree in economics at Emmanuel and is staying on for a masters degree. He has worked internationally in finance, research and journalism. He is interested in a broad range of economics and technology issues. In his spare time, he plays tennis, football and guitar




2017-2018 Commitee

Chairman – Hattie Stacey
Vice-Chairman – Jun Pang
Vice-Chairman – Vidya Ramesh
Director for Policy – Michelle Wong
Deputy Director for Policy – Justin Yang
Deputy Director for Policy – Mark O’Brien
Deputy Director for Policy – James Burn
Director for Conference – Yen Jean Wee Deputy
Director for Conference – Chet Johal Deputy
Director for Conference – Rebecca Fennessy
Director for Online Media – Simon Percelay
Director of Publishing – Alex Reeds
Director for Publicity – Donald MacDonald
Deputy Director for Publicity – Phoebe Bright
Deputy Director for Publicity – Heng Xuan
Director for Ideas – Matija Franklin
Deputy Director for Ideas – Isabella Nubari
Sponsorship – Aloysius Ng
Secretary – Jeremy Ng
Treasurer – George Hudson
Director for Socials – Wen Yee Chan
Director for Externals – Tom Ryan
Deputy Director for Externals – Louis Cheng


2016-2017 Committee

Chairman – Chia Jeng Yang
Vice-Chairman – Clemens Öllinger-Guptara
Director for Policy – Umang Khandelwal
Deputy Director for Policy – Alicia Loh
Deputy Director for Policy – Jun Pang
Director for Conference – Connor MacDonald
Deputy Director for Conference – Gordon Hao
Director for Online Media – Andrew Tan
Director of Publishing – Ana Letícia Blasi Magini
Director for Publicity – Pranjal Bajaj
Deputy Director for Publicity – James Burn
Director for Ideas – Vidya Ramesh
Deputy Director for Ideas – Nora Kalinskij
Sponsorship – Edward Chan
Secretary – Monica Wong
External Affairs Officer – Nikhil Dwivedi
 Socials Officer – Jeremy Ng 
Socials Officer – Lucia Keijer-Palau


2015-2016 Committee

Chairman –  Laura Grunberg

Director for Policy – Chia Jeng Yang

Deputy Director for Policy – Lukas Fuchs

Deputy Director for Policy – Jason Wong

Director for Conference – Tom Bevan

Director for Conference – Sophie Ashford

Director for Online Media – Brendan Tan

Director for Online Media – Georgi Rusinov

Director for Publicity – Tamsin Ireland

Treasurer & Secretary – Shilpita Mathews

Director for Ideas – Louise Ellis

Ideas Curator – Nora Kalinskij

External Affairs Officer – Clemens Oellinger

External Affairs Officer – Jonny Dodd

Director for Guests – Tom Daniels


2014-2015 Committee

President – Jenny Steinitz

Director for Policy – Laura Grunberg

Director for International Affairs – Helena Roy

Director for Ideas – Isabella Yamamoto

Ideas Curator – Jayson Probin

Treasurer – Jeffrey Xiao

Director for Guests – Ella Mi

Director for Press – Max Twivy

Director for External Affair – Philip Mead

Director for Conference– Ezra Cohen

Deputy Director for Conference – Benjamin Mak

Director for Publicity – Jacob Lypp

Secratary – Lara Spencer

Director for Brand – Suvi Joensuu

Director for Publishing – Peter Charles

2012–2013 Committee

Chairman – George Bangham

Director for Policy – Alison Andrew

Director for External Affairs – Anna Stansbury

Director for Ideas – Rose Beale

Director for Press – Millad Matin

Director for Publicity – Richard Stockwell

Director for Publishing – David Baynard

Director for Guests – Michael Campbell

Director for Connect – Nick Crawford

Secretary – Johnny Zemlick

Treasurer – Albert Beardow